Shortlist 2020 – Teaching Notes

These notes have been written by the teachers at CLPE to provide schools with sessions which focus on the importance of illustration in building a narrative and supporting children’s response. They build on CLPE’s work supporting teachers to use picture books to enhance critical thinking and develop creative approaches in art and writing. The teaching notes show you how to use picture books with your class to enhance children’s reading comprehension and understanding of how to convey messages through illustration. We hope you find them useful.

Thanks to CLPE for creating these resources.

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) is an independent UK charity dedicated to raising the literacy achievement of children by putting quality literature at the heart of all learning.  It is a charity with a national and international reputation for providing excellent literacy training and resources for primary schools, based on extensive research and best practice. For further information about CLPE please visit

CLPE Teaching Note pdfs:

Where Is Your Sister?
When Sadness Comes To Call
The Star in the Forest
One Fox
On the Origin of Species

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